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What is it? This module is part of CA Premier Accounting Software which was developed to be used for those non-accountants and those with no education background but are in business. How does it work?  It uses its own intelligence to handle core accounting  It accounts profitability by product on its own  It helps business owner to secure both the merchandise and cash all the time  It holds those entrusted to run business on behalf of the shareholders accountable to the last penny How to use it?  Simply select the product name  Enter the quantity you want to sale  Enter price  Enter cash received That is it! You are done! Within seconds it will show you the following: • Profit margin for the product you selected • Stock balance at hand • The change you are supposed to give back to the customer • If you want to sales more than what is in your stores the system will warn you and then cancel the transaction until you replenish your inventory • If you want to sale your product at a loss the system will warn twice before accepting your decision • If you receive less amount of cash from your customer the system will warn again and then cancel the transaction Instant Reports  Profit statement by product  Purchases report  Sales report  Cash report  Inventory report Controls  The cash report will tell you how much cash is in the cash drawer at any time  The inventory report will tell you all inventories in your store at any time  Only the owner is given rights to delete wrong sales transactions  Only the owner is given the rights to adjust inventories Who can use it?  All bottle stores  All groceries/Ntembas  All hardware  All mini marts  All Pharmaceuticals What kind of equipment are required?  Simple desktop or,  Simple laptop  Optional ( printer) What are the other benefits?  Multi user program  It’s also a mobile accounting office What is the Cost price?  It’s only ZMW450.00 (Inclusive of subscription)  Annual renewal , that is after 12 months (ZMW150.00) Contact us at email :nectorprime013@gmail.com Cell No. 0977352401

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